All For Paws Ball Throwers

We all want engaged dogs and these toys can provide just that. There has been a huge move recently for games based dog training and to keep your dog happy and healthy, mentally and physically. They all need something to do, many dogs are not looking for hours and hours of walks but prefer fun in their lives as we do, so here at Xtra Dog, we are delighted to bring the new range of interactive games from All For Paws. The Fetch and Treat is designed for indoor use and your dog drops the tennis ball into the toy and it spews out treats as well as the ball to reward the dog. With the Hyper Fetch, the ball is fired out of the toys and the dog has to run after the ball and return it to the game for a repeat of the fun, this toy can be used either indoors or outdoor depending on the setting used. Fun is guaranteed with both games at a reasonable price. Checkout the videos below … Will your dog have as much fun?

Play the Hyper Fetch 

Play the Fetch n’ Treat

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