K9Connectables – Kibble Connector – Dog Food Dispenser
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K9Connectables – Kibble Connector – Dog Food Dispenser


The Kibble Connector stands at the core of the K9Connectables system, ingeniously designed to dispense dry dog food to reward your pet’s engagement and playtime.

  • Crafted from super durable Nylon material, it’s built to withstand tough chewers, scoring 4/5 on the toughness scale. However, to ensure the best experience, we recommend discouraging persistent chewing on the toy.
  • Equipped with 10 connection points, it seamlessly integrates with other K9Connectables (available separately) to enhance your dog’s playtime.
  • Features four dispensing holes, which can be strategically blocked with other toys to elevate the challenge for your pet.
  • Offers an adjustable internal dispensing rate, allowing for customization to suit your dog’s activity level and interest.
  • The functionality of the Kibble Connector varies, offering diverse experiences based on the unique combination of toys connected.

This innovative approach ensures not just a fun playtime but also stimulates your dog’s problem-solving skills, making every interaction with the K9Connectables system a rewarding adventure.

To help you choose the perfect size, here’s a quick guide: If your dog enjoys playing with tennis ball-sized toys, the medium size will be a great match. For those whose furry friends find a tennis ball too large, the small size is the ideal choice. Conversely, if a tennis ball seems too small for your dog’s liking, opting for the large size will ensure a better fit and more enjoyable playtime.

Small is recommended for dogs between 3-10kg
Medium is recommended for dogs between 11-26kg
Large is recommended for dogs between 27-44kg

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