K9Connectables – Tech Bone – Gentle Dog Toys
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K9Connectables – Tech Bone – Gentle Dog Toys


Introducing the Tech Bone: a marvel of playtime innovation designed to keep your dog engaged and entertained for hours. This unique toy features a long bone shape, perfectly crafted to allow your dog to use their paws for leveraging and detaching connected toys, offering a stimulating puzzle that challenges and delights. With the capability to attach up to three additional toys, the Tech Bone introduces four levels of challenge, evolving with your dog’s skill level to ensure a rewarding experience that grows alongside their problem-solving abilities. Imagine the joy as your furry friend explores, solves, and enjoys treat-filled toys, guaranteeing endless fun and mental stimulation.

Crafted with love and safety in mind, the Gentle Range, including the Tech Bone, is made from durable, non-toxic TPE. This range is specifically designed for light to average chewers and is rated a solid 3/5 on the toughness scale. We prioritize your dog’s safety above all, recommending supervision during playtime to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your beloved pet.

Maintaining the cleanliness and durability of your K9Connectables toys is a breeze. They can be easily cleaned with a bit of dish soap and warm water for a quick refresh. For a deeper clean, most of the K9Connectable toys are dishwasher safe (with the exception of the Super Sticker, which should be hand washed) and can be placed in the top rack on a medium temperature setting. This ensures your dog’s toys stay hygienic and ready for their next play session.

Explore the joy and innovative design of the Tech Bone and the Gentle Range of K9Connectables dog toys, where fun meets functionality in every playtime adventure.

To help you choose the perfect size, here’s a quick guide: If your dog enjoys playing with tennis ball-sized toys, the medium size will be a great match. For those whose furry friends find a tennis ball too large, the small size is the ideal choice. Conversely, if a tennis ball seems too small for your dog’s liking, opting for the large size will ensure a better fit and more enjoyable playtime.

Small is recommended for dogs between 3-10kg
Medium is recommended for dogs between 11-26kg
Large is recommended for dogs between 27-44kg

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Jumbo (24in), Large (12in), Medium (12in), 10in, 12in, 14in, 16in, 18in, 20in, 22in, 24in, 26in, 28in, 4 Foot Lead, 4 Foot Narrow Lead, 4ft Thin Lead, 6 Foot Lead, 6 Foot narrow Lead, 6ft Thick Lead, 8in, Junior, Petite, Petite (PT), 2XSmall (XXS), EXTRA EXTRA SMALL (XXS) for 25-30 lb dogs with 15" necks., EXTRA SMALL (XS) for 30 pound dogs with 16" necks., Extra Small, X-Small, Extra Small (XS) for 30 pound dogs with 16" necks and 24" lengths., XS, XSmall (XS), XS (Just for Me), XSmall, Small (S) for light racing dogs in the 35-40 lb range measuring approx 18" in the neck and 25.5" in length., S, Small, SMALL (S) for dogs in the 35-40 lb range measuring approx 18" in the neck., Small (5/8"), Small (25oz / 0.7 litres), Small (2pk), Small (3pk), Small (6in), Small (S), Small-Medium (SMD), Small-Medium (SMd) for longer bodied and more slender racing dogs in the 40-45 lb range measuring 18" in the neck and about 27" in length., Regular, Medium (M), Medium, M, Medium (10in), MEDIUM (M) for dogs in the 43-48 lb range measuring approx 19" in the neck., Medium (M) for the larger racing dogs, many of the smaller Siberians will wear this harness or dogs with thicker hair and necks in the 43-48 lb range measuring approx 19" in the neck and 26.5" in leng, Medium Deep (MDP), Medium Extra Long (MXL) for lean rangey racing dogs, 45-50 lbs, small males or many of the females wear this one, measuring 19" necks and 27" in length., Medium-Large, Medium Large (MLg) for slightly heavier long bodied rangey dogs, typically the racey 50 lb males or larger racey females in the 48-54 lb. range measuring 19" necks and 28" in length., Medium/Large, Medium Large (MLG), L, Large (18in), Large (2pk), Large (L), Large (1"), Large (48oz / 1.3 litres), Large, LARGE (L) for dogs weighing 50-55 lbs with necks measuring 21"., Large (L) for larger racing dogs like many of the male sibes or dogs with thicker coats and necks measuring 21" necks and 28" in length weighing 50-55 lbs., Large Extra Long (LXL) for longer bodied rangey dogs 55-60 lbs measuring approx 21" necks and 29.5" in length., XLarge, EXTRA LARGE (XL) dogs measuring 23" necks and weighing approx. 60-75 lb, XLarge (XL), XL, Extra Large, Extra Large (XL) for the large full bodied dogs or dogs that are heavily furred measuring 23" necks and 31.5" in length and weighing in the 60-75 lb, Double Extra Large (XXL) for the even bigger dogs weighing in at 75-90 lbs and measuring 27" necks with 32.5" long bodies., XXL, 2XLarge, EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (XXL) for bigger dogs weighing in at 75-90 lbs and measuring 27" necks., 2XLarge (XXL), XXLarge, Triple Extra Large (XXXL) for the giants, weighing in at 90-120 lbs and measuring approx 31" necks and 34.5" in length.