K9Connectables – Super Sticker – Gentle Dog Toys
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K9Connectables – Super Sticker – Gentle Dog Toys


Introducing the Super Sticker, your pet’s new favorite enrichment toy, designed with love and care for their entertainment and well-being. This innovative suction cup toy easily attaches to any smooth surface, including tiles, polished floors, walls, or doors, creating a versatile and engaging play area for your beloved dog.

Featuring a unique textured surface, the Super Sticker allows you to spread your dog’s favorite pastes, offering them a delicious and entertaining licking experience. With three adjustable challenge levels, this toy can be interconnected with any other K9Connectable of the same size, expanding the fun and making every play session uniquely stimulating.

Crafted from durable, non-toxic TPE, the Gentle Range of K9Connectables, including the Super Sticker, is specifically designed for light to average chewers. Rated a 3/5 on the toughness scale, these toys ensure safety and longevity, providing your pet with endless hours of safe play. Remember to supervise your dog during playtime to ensure their utmost safety.

Caring for your Super Sticker is effortless. Simply hand wash it with a bit of dish soap and warm water. Please note that it is not suitable for dishwasher use.

Embrace a world of fun and bonding with the Super Sticker, a thoughtfully designed toy that enriches your dog’s playtime while prioritizing their health and happiness.

To help you choose the perfect size, here’s a quick guide: If your dog enjoys playing with tennis ball-sized toys, the medium size will be a great match. For those whose furry friends find a tennis ball too large, the small size is the ideal choice. Conversely, if a tennis ball seems too small for your dog’s liking, opting for the large size will ensure a better fit and more enjoyable playtime.

Small is recommended for dogs between 3-10kg
Medium is recommended for dogs between 11-26kg
Large is recommended for dogs between 27-44kg

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