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The PupLight 2 Red

The PupLight 2 Red


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As used by the US Secret Service, The PupLight 2 comes with a two-piece, elastic, adjustable high-visibility collar and lights a path 30 feet ahead. PupLights use three AAA batteries which stay bright for over 150 hours. The PupLight lights your dog for up to a mile. In tests carried out by one of the Junior Iditoraod team (world’s biggest sled dog race) dogs wearing PupLights recorded faster times when running at night than dogs without the PupLight. 

With it’s two part adjustable high-visibility collar, PupLight will fit all sizes of dog

• PupLight makes dogs visible up to a mile away
• PupLight provides so much light you can see yards ahead of the dog when walking on leash
• The super-bright light helps dogs see better
• It’s much less expensive to use over time when compared to other lighted dog products
• PupLight was designed with long-haired dogs in mind
• It’s unbelievably easy to use.
• The bright lights scare away wild animals
• The most durable, long-lasting dog light on the market, using AAA batteries
• Nationally award-winning product and is even used by the U.S. Secret Service dogs

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