Prestige Cool-Coat
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Prestige Cool-Coat


  • Cools your dog in hot weather.
  • Water activated.
  • Keeps your dog cool but not wet.
  • Easy to use, clean and store.
  • Lightweight and soft to touch.

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Prestige Cool-Coats are an incredible way to keep your dog nice and cool on those hot summer days.

Made purely from synthetic material, these cooling coats are water activated. Simply submerge the Cool-Coat in water for just 2-3 minutes, then remove (checking the dog cooling device has become completely saturated with water), squeeze any extra water out which will allow your dog to be cool, but not wet. While your dog is wearing the cool-coat, heat from the sun gradually evaporates the water, which draws out the heat from the dog’s body, leaving you with a much cooler four-legged friend.

Some other great advantages to the Prestige Cool-Coat are they are light weight and also soft to the the touch, which makes them comfortable and easy to wear for your dog.

Cleaning your cool-coat is also really easy. Simply was thoroughly with clean water. If the coat has become really grubby, then it is also safe to throw in to the washing machine (just remember to wash dark items seperately).

The Prestige Cool-Coat will start to go back to it’s harder natural state as it starts to dry out. If you want to carry on using it, then all you need to do is immerse the coat in water again. If you want to store the coat, just allow it to become completely dry and put away.

Sizing Guide

(All sizes are from the base of neck to the base of the tail)
XSmall – 28cm
Small – 38cm
Medium – 50cm
Large – 64cm
XLarge – 80cm

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