PetBloon – Dog Balloon Toy

PetBloon – Dog Balloon Toy


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PetBloon is a handy, interactive balloon toy for your dog. The clever polyester balloon cover converts standard balloons into a more durable, and much safer toy your pup will love.

You can use PetBloon both outside and indoors. Due to it being a lightweight balloon it limits the risk of injury or damage to your pets, your children, your furniture and your ornaments and makes it perfect for an interactive dog toy

Petbloon balloon cover folds down to fit inside your pocket, then you just need to insert any standard sized balloon, blow it up then seal it with a twist (so no need to tie a knot) and then tuck the balloon inside the hook and loop closure system. When you have finished your play time, just untwist the balloon and fold it back in to your pocket, which means no cumbersome balls to carry home.

Designed for smaller breeds and gentle giants – it’s still a balloon after all!