The body wrap is a piece of equipment commonly used in Tellington TTouch. Generally we would use the American elasticated Ace wrap available from Xtra Dog. The wrap will change the posture of the dog due feedback received from the nervous system. It will help the nervous system be more effective.

The wrap should not be put on tightly as the dog should be aware of it without effecting his movement, nor should it restrict the dog in any way. If the dog appears uncomfortable or worried about the wrap then it should immediately be taken off. Do not use a body wrap unsupervised, and it does not need to be on for longer than 20 minutes as a time. Like any new piece of equipment build up the time that the dog has its wrap on, starting with just a couple of minutes. The nervous system can often be aware of the wrap long after it has been removed.

Changing the dog’s posture will change the behaviour of the dog but sometimes wraps can only have a minor effect so do have realistic expectations. A wrap can also influence the dog’s movement so can be a useful tool with a very pulley dog as it will give the dog better body awareness and help them to walk in their natural balance.

Wraps along with calming coats can also help with environmental situations like noise i.e. fireworks, thunder, lawnmowers etc.. They can also help with touch-sensitive dogs.

How to Introduce a Dog to Wearing a Wrap

1. Put treats onto the wrap and allow the dog to eat of the wrap and sniff it (what we call the dinner plate technique)

 2. Lay wrap loosely over the dog’s shoulders and ask the dog to move.

3. Put it across the dog’s chest and ask the dog to move.

You may need to take the wrap off between these steps and move the dog or give him some treats if it becomes too much.

A wrap is used for sensation, not for support like a bandage.


Tying a Quarter Wrap

Put your wrap about a third of the way to the middle across the chest of the dog keeping the short end over the middle of the dog’s back. Cross your wrap pver your dog’s back and take the longer end under his tummy and tie it. You can also use a safety pin.


Tying a Half Wrap

Place the middle of your wrap across the chest of your dog. Cross the wrap over the shoulder. Bring the ends across the rib cage and then under the dog’s tummy and then at the middle of the back. Tie the ends off or use a safety pin. The back loop can be moved back to rest over the base of the tail if necessary.

Tellington TTouch practitioner, Janet Finlay demonstrates how to use a body wrap

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