Stop Dogs Pulling on the Lead

Kerri Bee, Marie Miller and Alex Wilson look at different methods to teach dogs not to pull using kind effective means, also watch the 1 hour webinar on teaching dogs not to pull with Tellingto nTTouch co-founders Robyn Hood and Linda Tellington-Jones

Six Reasons to Use a Harness

Six positive reasons to use a harness – Dr Janet Finlay a world-renown dog behaviourist gives her opinions on the use of dog harnesses.

Dog Nutrition

Kerri Bee, Marie Miller, and Alex Wilson look at the importance of good feeding in Dogs. Also, download the e-book on Natural feeding by Dr. Bruce Syme.

Do Harnesses make Dogs Pull?

Tellington TTouch practitioner Alex Wilson looks at harness designs and answers the age-old question as to whether a harness will encourage or discourage pulling.

Puppy Advice

Kerri Bee Shares her knowledge on bringing a new puppy into the home

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