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We are delighted to be able to offer the PupLight range of collar lights, that have had rave revues in Modern Dog magzine. PupLight is the latest innovation to come out of the USA for helping keep your dog visible at night. It is, in effect, a head torch for dogs. The PupLight lights a path 30 feet ahead. It also comes with a two-piece reflective collar. PupLight is ideal for keeping an eye on your dogs off lead, but equally useful for working dogs to see their way at night, such as Search and Rescue dogs and sled dogs. They are used by the American Secret Service for their working dogs and the Junior Iditarod team found that their sled dogs made better times at night when wearing PupLight.


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The Mini PupLight, Ideal for smaller dogs who would find the standard P

upLight too cumbersome 


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PupLight makes dogs visible up to a mile a way.

PupLight's unsurpassed LED dog collar is visible from all angles and the dog walker's body doesn't block the light from behind like most other products because the illumination makes a very visible halo of light. PupLight keeps dogs safe and visible on or off-leash.

PupLight provides so much light you can see yards ahead of the dog when walking on leash.

This allows you to see hazards ahead such as dead animals, poisonous animals, rancid food, holes, uneven paths, ice or other hazards. This added functionality makes it the best dog walking light available for maximum safety.

The super bright light helps dogs see better. 

Senior dogs, or those with cataracts, can't see well in the dark and they, in particular, like PupLight's bright LED dog collars.

It's much less expensive to use over time when compared to other lighted dog products.

The batteries are long lasting (up to 150 hours) and easy to change. You can also use re-chargeable batteries in your PupLight.

PupLight was designed with long-haired dogs in mind. 

Much of the light from lighted dog collars are covered up by the fur of a long-haired dog. PupLight has a fur guard which keeps the dog's hair away from the light.

It's unbelievably easy to use. 

It comes with an easy-on/easy-off adjustable elastic band. The collar is not attached to the leash so the light stays focussed forward. The light is adjustable and has a rim on top so it doesn't shine into your dog's, or anyone else's, eyes.

The bright lights scare away wild animals.

The most durable, long-lasting dog light on the market, using AAA batteries.

Nationally award-winning product, it's even used by the U.S. Secret Service dogs. A dog safety light can't get more reliable than that.