Water Repelling

Water Repelling


Many Dogs especially those who live in rural areas enjoy swimming in the sea, rivers or even swimming pools! For their owners it is a problem finding a good dog harness that is comfortable to wear, effective as a dog harness and won't get soaking wet.

Xtra Dog, in conjunction with Adanac Sleds and Equipment in Montana, have come up with the answer. The water-repelling walking harness which incorporates features of our fleece walking harness but is made from closed-cell foam. This material, which is common in the manufacture of sled dog harnesses is ideal for the job because foam does not absorb water, nor will it freeze in snowy conditions. The harness is ultra-light, and offered in stylish royal blue with grey webbing.The harness is co-designed by Marie Miller, one of the UK's leading dog bahaviourists andTellington TTouch instructor, and Jack and Pack Beckstrom whose company has been making sledding equipment for more than 50 years. Their company invented the X-Back harness - an industry standard in dog sledding harnesses. These harnesses are not designed as working or heavy duty harness but benefit from the advantages that they are water-repelling so great for dogs who enjoy water.

Along with our fleece walking harnesses, our water-repelling harnesses are suitable Tellington TTouch training techniques and for use in dog training class.  

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Not sure what size harness you need? Please watch this video and refer to our sizing chart.


In this video, Marie Miller explains how to stop dogs pulling on the lead using an Xtra Dog harness, a double-ended lead and Tellington TTouch groundwork.

Why use a harness?

Certain dogs are more receptive to being walked with a two-point contact (the lead attached at one end to the collar and the other end to the harness). This method, developed by Tellington TTouch in the USA, is ideal for a dog that naturally pulls and eliminates any need for equipment like choke chains or pinch collars. Xtra Dog actively condemns the use of these so-called punitive methods of dog management and training.

“TTouch leading techniques improve proprioception and balance and so can dramatically improve both posture and the behaviour of the dog. Teaching a dog to walk calmly on a leash using a two-point contact - the handler having two distinct connections with the dog, usually with a double-ended leash - can have a miraculous and often instantaneous effect. There are many ways of using a two-point contact, so this leading technique can be easily tailored to suite the individual dog’s needs.” from Sarah Fisher’s 2007 book Unlock your Dog’s Potential, published by David and Charles

A well-fitting harness will be broad enough not to cut into the dog and should not tighten in use. It should sit far enough back so as not to dig in to the dog’s ‘armpits’. When fitted correctly, it should allow the harness to support the dog’s body weight, reducing the damage caused by the dog pulling on its collar and lead. There should be a buckle on both sides of the body  so there is no need to pick up the dog’s legs when fitting the harness – this can cause discomfort to the dog and give a bad association with the harness. Xtra Dog are pleased to have co-designed these special water-repelling foam harness which complements our double-ended training leads and Air Collar.

This harness is based on sled-dog harness technology and is combined with the thinking behind Tellington TTouch groundwork. The harness is currently offered in 10 sizes.

These harness are made in the Rocky Mountain of Montana USA.