Custom Fit

Whilst our standard fit harnesses will fit the majority of dogs we are aware that some dogs, usually cross-breeds may not fit our harnesses so we can offer custom-made harnesses on the following harnesses:

Xtra Dog  Walking Harnesses

Zima X-Back Harnessses

Zima Multi Sport Harnesses

Measuring for a fleece walking harness

A - Point of the breastbone (sternum) - find the hollow or indentation near the base of the windpipe. (This is the central neck base) This is your reference point when measuring your dog.

B - Neck measurement. This is NOT the same as a collar measurement. Start at the point of the breastbone 'A' and pull the tape measure snugly around the base of the neck and back to the point of the breastbone. Do NOT measure half your dog and double up. If you are unsure, please watch the video demonstrating how to measure your dog.

C - Ribcage. Measure your dog around the ribcage. Take the tape measure just behind the front legs (making sure that there is clearance for your dog’s armpits) and bring the tape measure the whole way around the rib cage. Do NOT measure half and double up.

D - Take the tape measure from the point of the breastbone and measure between the legs, to just behind the front legs of the dog. Make sure that you allow enough room so that the harness does not sit in the arm pit of the dog.

E - Let us know the weight, age and breed of the dog

We advise you to measure your dog several times and ask someone to help to make sure your dog is standing straight. Remember to measure 'dog not fur', especially when you are measuring long-haired breeds.

duck tollerNot every dog will fit into our standard range of harnesses.This is often the case with crossbreeds or dogs that are bigger than the breed standard. We know some harness manufacturers offer alternative ranges with more adjustment than their standard product, but here at Xtra Dog we feel that this may not necessarily prove to be the perfect alternative which is why we offer a custom-made harness in our walking range, the Zima multi-sport and the Zima X-back harnesses.

How does this work?

 Xtra Dog Fleece Walking Harnesses

Please look at the diagram above and measure your dog. For more help in measureing, please watch the video below showing you how to measure for points B and C.

Order below and enter your measurements and information on the product page. Please take accurate measurements as once made your custom-fit harness cannot be returned or exchanged.


For foam walking harnesses, multi-sport harnesses and x-back harnesses,

For foam walking harnesses please follow measuring instructions as above but for multi-sport and X-Back harnesses please use the diagram below; email your measurements to Remember that this harness is made especially for your dog, so measure him or her carefully as we are not able to accept returns with custom fits. We advise you to measure your dog numerous times and ask someone to help to make sure your dog is standing straight. Remember to measure 'dog not fur', especially when you are measuring long-haired breeds.

What does this cost?

The costs can be seen on the product pages below.

For X-Back and multi-sport harnesses there is a £10.00 surcharge on top of the normal price. 

How does this work? You measure your dog according to our sizing guide then enter your measurements when you order the product.

How long will my harness take to be made?
All of our custom-fit harnesses are made in the USA. We aim to get your custom-fit walking harness to you as soon as possible (sometimes even within 3-6 weeks), but during busy periods this may take up to sixteen weeks of the order being placed and paid for. If there are any queries regarding your measurements then this can cause further delays. If you have any queries about current timescales, please contact us.


Measuring for a X-Back, multi-sport and foam walking harness

A -  Neck measurement. Measure from the breast bone (see above for how to find it) all the way around the neck.

B - Length measurement. Start at the breast bone. Pull the tape measure from the point of the breast bone straight down the breast bone, between the front legs and continue by angling across the rib cage and up to base of the tail.

C - Dog's weight

D - Dog's breed

E. Dog's age - especially with a young dog