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The Road Refresher is an ingenious non-spill pet bowl designed by Natalie Ellis that eliminates spills and reduces your pet's slobber by up to 90%. Ideal for the home and all forms of travel.

Remove the non-slobber lid and drinking tray and fill your Road Refresher. Replace the drinking tray and non-slobber lid and the drinking tray floats on the water allowing enough water to come through the holes for your dog to drink from. As your dog drinks, the water self-fills until the bowl is empty. A constant supply of water for your dog but no slopping bowl of water for you. This is perfect solution for use at home, in cars, on boats or even the private jet!

The Road Refresher has been featured on TV's Dragons Den and in countless magazines and newspapers; a special commemorative version was even made for President Barak Obama, shaped like the Whitehouse for his dog Bo.


"One of the best inventions of the past 20 years - perfect for my Dachshunds"
Peter Purves BBC TV


The Sunday Times
It won't spill the contents even in a moving car


The Observer
Rolls Royce of dog bowls


Pet Product Winner





"A fantastic dog bowl. The Road Refresher is genuinely un-spillable no matter what you do."
Tessa, Milford, Surrey, UK


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