Slow Feeders

slow feeders

Slow Feeders, Gobble Blows and maze feeders are a fantastic way to help dogs that eat too fast. Dogs who eat very fast can get bloat a fatal disease so using a gobble bowl is an ideal way to avoid this from happening. There are two types of slow feeders, the traditional gobble bowl and maze feeders that make feeding much more of a game as the dog really has to work to obtain their dinner. It is also a known fact that dogs who have to work for their food have a much more enriched life. Vet behaviourist Dr Tom Mitchell and internationally renowned dog trainer Lauren Langman teach "Ditch the bowl" and advise the use of maze feeders as part of this programme.

Maze feeders, gobble bowls and slow feeders come in a range of designs and we are delighted to offer a choice of 3 bowls that have been hand-picked and tested by our office dogs and have had great results to slow our Dalmation's habit of lightning eating, which at the same time providing huge amount of enrichment to her life by her having to spend time with her food and her food maze.