TechNiche International designs and manufactures innovative climate control solutions for people working or recreating in uncomfortable temperatures, dogs and horses. Their extensive product line includes specialised vests, head and neckwear, and other items designed exclusively for comfort.

Techniche HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat Techniche developed their dog cooling coats, based on technology used in cooling garments for troops in the Middle East. They focused on the dog's need to run and play and finding a solution to problems relating to heat fatigue and exhaustion.

 In 2010 the coat won the coveted Best New Dog Product Award at the SuperZoo pet trade fair in Las Vegas. Techniche's Evaporative Cooling coat keeps your dog, comfortable, and protected from heat stress. It is made using HyperKewlTM fabric, which keeps your dog cool through evaporation for a staggering 5-10 hours even on a very hot day. Just submerge the product in water for 1 to 3 minutes, give it a quick squeeze, and put it on. With the longer cooling times these coats are ideal for working dogs and those dogs out and about in hot weather for long periods of time. It is American made and the comfortable, quilted nylon outer has HyperKewl™ fabric on the inner, and a water repellent nylon liner, plua a black poly-cotton trim, available in either silver or blue and in a choice of sizes.

If you want a cool dog look no further than the Techniche dog cooling vest, your dog will keep cool for up to 10 hours.


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