A Tail We Could Wag

tail we could wag

A Tail We Could Wag was founded in 1988 by Wendel Wirth, who has loved dogs and the outdoors for as long as she can remember. She rescued her first dog during college. She named the dog Aiko and they became inseparable. The day after college she and Aiko moved to Ketchum, Idaho (better known as Sun Valley), a dog friendly ski town. In 1988, she turned her favourite belt, made from a colorful, hand-woven Guatemalan sash, into a collar for Aiko. People who saw Wendel and Aiko around town took notice of the colorful collar. Based on comments like "you should make some for sale" Wendel decided to embark upon a venture to create a tail we could wag

With a lot of hard work and entrepreneurial initiative, the business began to thrive. From selling collars over the counter at a local bar where she worked to traveling to New York City with a backpack full of collars, Wendel was encouraged by the response. As the collars took off she added other products. Now we are thrilled to be able to offer  you these stunning products here in the UK.


Collar Measurements

XL   23"-30"

Large 18"  - 25"

Medium 14" -20"

Small 11"-15"

X-Small 9"-12"