When tethering your pet is necessary, be Sure with SUREswivel.

The SUREswivel is an innovative new product designed for those times when tethering is necessary to ensure your pet’s safety. A trip to the park, at the campground, or even in your front yard, the SUREswivel is the solution. Set up the SUREswivel in a debris free area and your pet can move freely in a tension free radius and you can rest assured that the tether will not twist and tangle.
The SUREswivel is also extremely durable and will not break even under extreme circumstances. The SUREswivel is made of a high quality mix of nylon and fiberglass strands. This product is proudly manufactured in America. SUREswivel can be used in a wide range of applications. As well as being used in the ground, it can be permanently mounted to a deck, used at the duck blind, in mobile applications like the back of a truck, and is even trusted to be used in professional training applications. SUREswivel’s rugged construction allows it to be used in temporary and high stress permanent applications.
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What Do You Think Of SUREswivel?

I am a horse enthusiast- I love to go trail riding in Northern California. No matter where I go with my horse Sundance, I can secure him with my SUREswivel. My SUREswivel is strong and secure. My horse’s reins do not get tangled up. It allows my horse to graze a large area comfortably. SUREswivel is light and small and fits in my saddle bag easily. I love my SUREswivel!! Rose Lavrador

This is the best & safest dog tethering device I have ever used!! I love the fact that I can tuck it in my bag and take it to the park, take it with me on vacation to the mountains or beach and I even use it to keep my small dogs safe in my back yard. I just hook it to my dogs harness and “voila”, they can play safely in my yard or away from home. Everyone needs one of these to keep their animal safe. Amber Smith

The Hansen Family loves their SUREswivel!!!  The Hansons (left)

Our Beagle “Max” came into our lives unannounced and wounded over 2 years ago. We instantly fell in love with Max and he became a special part of our family. But Max is an escape artist, and we could never bring him with us to the neighborhood block parties or even to a friend’s house because he would always escape and put himself at risk of being lost or injured. SUREswivel has given us the confidence to bring Max along. He can be himself and be a part of the family activity now. Thanks SUREswivel!! Troy & Crystal Mills
I have stray dog that came in my life May of 2011. This mixed breed pup was approximately eight (8) months old and is a Lab/Beagle mix.

Due to her escaping from my yard, I had to install a tie down pin in the yard and attach a 20’, 100 lb. rated cable. By January of 2012, she had kinked up and broke three (3) cables. Then I went to a 250 lb. rated cable and again, kinked and broke it.

When you gave me the tie down with your new design, the item stays in the ground unlike the prior design I had used and thus far, not a broken cable to speak of. Did I mention this dog only weighs 37 lbs. Thank you very much for your quality tie down system. Rob Deatsch