Spiffy Dog


Spiffy Dog was born in 2001 in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA.

The town is best known as one of America’s favourite ski resorts, giving it the nickname Ski Town USA. It is widely accepted that more dogs live in Steamboat than people, so at Spiffy Dog it is called Dog Town USA! Steamboat is situated amongst wonderful forests, rivers and mountain trails making it a limitless playground for people and dogs and the perfect place for developing dog products.

Spiffy Dog quick-drying Air Collars are made of a unique material called Aerospacer, a material used by leading manufacturers of trainer shoes offering dogs the most comfortable collar-wearing experience. The collars are offered in a stunning range of styles created by Colorado artist Kyle Nelson who works in the Spiffy Dog head office. Check back regularly to see what new styles we have.

Spiffy Dog collars are complemented by a unique multi-use training leash with a handle made of the same soft Aerospace material. Spiffy Dog also make treat bags with zips that fit neatly onto a belt of bag, ideal for clicker training.


 Watch the Spiffy Dog video filmed in Steamboat Springs Colorado