Tellington TTouch Harness

Tellington TTouch Harness

TTouch harnessTellington TTouch was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones who has been closely supported by her sister Robyn Hood in its development. TTouch is a method of working with animals without fear or force using non-habitual movements to release tension through gentle bodywork and physically balancing groundwork exercises

TTouch works on the nervous system, helping to improve mental, physical and emotional balance and bringing, in turn, an enhanced ability to learn and co-operate by opening new channels of communication. It crosses language barriers and is now used in many different countries around the world. One of the most exciting things about this work is that it constantly evolves as we experiment and add more tools to our toolbox. 

TTouchcreates the opportunity for animals and people to experience a different way to respond. Over time this can help them to learn how to shift from previously habitual behaviour patterns.

Much of Tellington TTouch relates to understanding the links with posture and behaviour and with dogs, as well as horses, certain groundwork exercises can be very helpful to teach dogs to walk in their own balance slowly and not to pull on the lead.

TV personality and Tellington TTouch instructor, Sarah Fisher, has developed the only official TTouch dog harness that carries the TTouch brand and is specifically  designed for Tellington TTouch groundwork. The webbing harness is made in the UK with several points of attachment giving you a variety of choices for attaching the lead. Clipping one end of the lead to the front ring removes pressure from the dog's neck and helps the dog to move in balance. The harness is great for dogs that pull or spin, or display lead frustration, and can be used for ground exercises and regular walking. Two shaped fasteners either side of the neck, and two shaped fasteners either side of the barrel, enable you to put the harness on your dog without having to put it on over his head or lift a leg. Use it in conjunction with a double-ended lead. 

This harness is currently not available on our website to order one please call the office on 0330 088 3647


To see how to measure for the harness see page one of our measuring chart Click here


Neck  (this is a full neck measurement, not the collar) 31-47cm (12-18.5") 

Chest 38-56cm (15-22")



Neck (this is a full neck measurement not the collar) 42-62cm (16.5-24") 

Chest 47-72cm  (18.5-28")



Neck (this is a full neck measurement not the collar) 55-84cm  (21.5-33")

Chest 59-100cm  (23-39")

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