Fleece Training Leads

A two metre training lead is ideal for dog training. Our leads are made with a clip at both ends. This offers a number of benefits. If you are double connecting your dog using a front and top connection for tellington TTouch leading exercises or groundwork to blanace your dog, or to stop your dog pulling  this lead is ideal. We offer it in two widths, a 3/4 inch with a small clip either end, perfect for small dogs or a 1 inch with with a small clip on one ed and a large clip on the other end ideal for larger dogs. We have a smaller clip at one end so that if you are attaching one end to the front of a harness of head collar it is not too much weight on the dog's head or neck. All our leads are a full 2m plus the clips, we find that many double ended leads are too short for effective double-ended lead work as it caused the handler to stoop especially on small dogs.

Double-Ended Lead WorkWith the extra rings on the lead this leash one end can clip onto itself to make a conventional 2m lead, or it can clip onto itself to make a 1m lead. It can also be used as a short term tether.

The Xtra Dog training lead is British and made of fleece with a webbing stitched on to give it extra strength. The colours of the lead matches up with our new style harnesses.