Calming Coat

The Most Effective Solution To Dog Anxiety And Nervousness

••• Veterinary Approved •••

50 Day Money-Back Guarantee if it does not help your dog buynow


Calming coat

 Many dogs suffer from fear and anxiety and the AKC Calming Coat can help with the following:

•    Noise Sensitivity, thunderstorms, fireworks, lawn mowers, traffic, guns etc.
•    Separation Anxiety
•    Travel Sickness
•    Pulling on the lead
•    Crate Training
•    Excessive barking
•    At Training class and the vet
•    Reactivity
•    ...And much more ...


The veterinary approved, AKC Calming Shirt is offered in a choice of 5 sizes and in grey prink or blue (there is not surcharge for coloured Calming Coats). There is research to show that gentle pressure will help dogs with anxiety and for many years Tellington TTouch practitioners, vets, trainers, behaviourist etc have been using gentle pressure as an effective solution. Pressure wraps are also known in many cases to be more effective that veterinary prescribed medication which is why vets both sides of the Atlantic recommend pressure wraps to help nervous and anxious dog.

The AKC Calming Coat offers the best value for money anxiety product available in the UK and offered with a full 50 day money back guarantee.


"50 Day Money Back Guarantee"


There is no 100% guarantee that any product will be the solution for your customer's dog, but we want to make sure that your customer can in effect buy on approval. If for any reason the AKC Calming Coat is not the right solution for your customer, within 50 days, have them return it to you for a full refund and we will replace it old for new and returned shirts will be donated to rescues and shelters.


Offered in blue, pink or grey



X-small Girth 33cm-46 cm - Weight 4.5kg - 8kg

Small Girth 41cm - 58 cm - Weight 7kg - 11kg

Medium Girth 46cm - 66cm - Weight 9kg - 22.5kg

Large Girth 61cm - 81cm - Weight 18kg - 32kg

x-large Girth 76cm - 102cm Weight 27kg - 45kg


The AKC Calming Coat utilises the principles developed by Tellington TTouch Training to help give the dog better body awareness and the swaddling effect provided the dog with calm. Tellington TTouch Instructor Kathy Cascade explains more:

"To understand how this works, let’s take a very oversimplified look at the sensorimotor system. Our bodies take in information from our senses, including the well known senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch (tactile system). We also have another sensory system that provides information about the position of our body parts which is known as the proprioceptive system The proprioceptive system is triggered by movement. Information from the tactile and proprioceptive system is sent along nerves to the spinal cord and on to a part of the brain that registers the information, which is known as the somatosensory cortex. What is interesting about this area is that some parts of the body have a greater representation than others. For instance, the face and mouth have a much greater number of sensory nerve endings, and a larger area of the somatosensory cortex is devoted to those body parts. For people, the hand and fingers are also more prominent, and it is no surprise that we are way better at using our fingers than our toes! Once the sensory information is processed, the brain then sends signals back to the muscles for postural control, and movement. This constant two way exchange of information is what allows both people and animals to make coordinated movements, and perform complex physical tasks. By using a body wrap, we simply intensify the sensory information going to the brain from the parts of the body the wrap contacts (through the touch system) and the proprioceptive system when the animal moves while wearing the wrap. The response to this enhanced sensory information is often improved balance, coordination, and/or movement."

The American Kennel Club Calming Coat is the only anxiety shirt on the market to be officially endorses by a major canine organisation, the American Kennel Club as it is used by show dog competitors at championship level throughout the US, along with Agility dogs, flyball dogs, working dogs and family pets. The shirt is also used and recommended by New York vet, Jeff Lavine DVM ..

“The AKC Calming Coat is a wonderful, safe and drug free, behavior modification tool that works great with both dogs and cats. Behavior problems such as fear, anxiety and shyness are the root of a lot of unwanted behaviors, such as thunderstorm anxiety, noise phobias, travel anxiety, nervousness, shaking, barking, hyperactivity and the list goes on. It's really been proven to me through the people who use the AKC Calming Coat as well as on my own dog that the hugging and constant pressure of the AKC Calming Coat significantly decreases the anxiety and fear and the unwanted the behaviors that go along with it.

It's almost similar to swaddling a new born baby, and receiving that comforting hug, it's gentle and it's relaxing. My dog growing up in NYC, unfortunately does have a lot of anxiety with all the hustle and bustle, especially with the noises in the city streets and the vacuuming in the hallways.

I got my hands on the AKC Calming Coat and I couldn't be happier. One of the first things I noticed is that it comes in four easy to choose sizes. This came as a welcome relief as my 30 lb labradoodle is between sizes. A Medium fit her perfectly. It was very easy to fit and very forgiving. Additionally, it's very easy to put on. It's a simple wrap and a nice snug, loving hug! Again, compared to a lot of other products, this is just natural. 
The second I put it on my dog, I was almost immediately able feel her calm down and relax. It's perfect for vet visits and for travel. Veterinarians have been using this technique for years with a towel. I'm extremely satisfied with the AKC Calming Coat and it is a safe, effective and comfortable product that will help with behavioural modification that is drug free.”

Dr. Jeff Lavine DVM, VetCierge, - watch the video