Fleece Dog Collars

fleece collarsFull Circle Fleece Collars

These collars offer an alternative to most other fleece collars on the market. They are made from a webbing collar with a husky in fleece collar strong adjuster covered with a soft fleece sheath. The collars are soft and comfortable for the dog to wear with the advantage that the dog will get no or very minimal fur damage from wearing the collar. Unlike other fleece collars, our full circle collars have no buckles which may come undone. All the size adjustment is inside the fleece sheath for added comfort. The collars are offered in a choice colours and from sizes XS - XL

Limited slip collars

Limited slip or Alaskan collars have historically been used by owners of sled dogs and dog mushers. They are extremely difficult for large dogs to get out of, but are NOT a choke, half check or slip collar as there is only a limited amount that the collar can tighten. You put the collar over the dog’s head and tighten the collar so that it fits snuggly when the dog pulls, but does not choke the dog in the same way as a choke chain because there is a limit to how far it can tighten. Our limited slip collars are hand-made in Montana by Adanac Sleds and Equipment and covered in a fleece sheath. They are offered in a choice of colours and from size XS - XL


XL    24-32"         61-80cm

L       22-27"         57-68cm

M      19-21"         46- 53 cm

S       16 -18"        40- 47cm

XS     15 -17"        38-43cm