TTouch Harmony Handle (Formerly Freedom Handle)


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Developed by senior Tellington TTouch instructor, Robyn Hood (Linda tellington Jones’ sister) the  TTouch Freedom Handle, slides onto a double-ended lead and allows for two-points of contact on the dog where one clip attached to the back of the harness and the other clip attaches either to the front ring of the harness or the collar. This allows the dog an element of freedom to find his or her own natural point of balance and teach the dog naturally not to pull on the lead. The Freedom Handle is a great alternative to using the standard TTouch 2 points of contact where the handler finds that walking the dog with two handles impractical. This works very well for very busy dogs like Springer and Cocker Spaniels where two-points of contact can be too restrictive for the dog or handler.

When using the freedom handle it is important for the handler to keep their hands still, ideally into their side so that the dog can move on the lead and balance, if the handler moves their hand then it may pull their dog off balance.

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