Scootering, Sledding, Cani-X and Bikejoring lines




We offer lines suitable for Cani-X, Scooters or rigs (one or two dog set ups). Please contact the office if you require lines for a 3 dog team or more. These professional lines are made to order and offered in a choice of material from a standard line to lines with a steel lined core. 

The short lines are idea for Cani-X, the mid length for a scooter and the longer lines for a rig. They are offered in a choice of colours. Our lines are made in two parts, bungee at one end and a tug line at the other end. Tug lines can be replaced should you vbreak a tug line.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg

Black, Blue, Blue/Black, Lime Green/Black, Pink, Purple/Black, Red, Red/Black, Yellow

Tug Length

28" (standard Cani-X length), 48" (standard scootering length), 70" (standard sledding length)


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