100 Ways to Solve Your Dog’s Problems – Sarah Fisher and Marie Miller


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Summary: In this work, Sarah Fisher and top dog trainer Marie Miller present a forward thinking approach to dog training and rehabilitation using Tellington TTouch techniques.

100 Ways to Solve Your Dog’s Problems contains all the positive dog training techniques owners need to work successfully and safely with their pet. Advice on solving issues with noise sensitivity, pulling, excessive barking, excitability, timidity, fear of the vet, guarding, and chewing combine to create this ultimate guide to resolving dog behaviour problems. Case histories involving puppies, adolescent dogs and older dogs demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques.

Author Biography:

Sarah Fisher is the premier trainer of the Tellington TTouch method in the UK and runs the UK office for TTEAM and TTouch International. She lives near Bath, Somerset.

Marie Miller founded Paws ‘n’ Learn Training and has been a rehabilitation trainer and behavioural advisor for more than 17 years. She is also a founder member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and a Tellington TTouch Instructor. 

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