Doggie Walk Bags

 Established in 1988, Doggie Walk Bags, Inc. is one of America’s big names in dog poo bags and at many dog parks and beaches you will find their dog poo bag dispensers. Now they have branched into a range of more creative poo bags, scented bags, and natty duffles to keep your roll with you.

They are a family-owned-and-operated business that employs not only immediate and extended family, but friends, neighbours and developmentally challenged students and young adults. Doggie Walk Bags, Inc. proudly works with the Huntington Beach Union High School District’s Vocational Training Programme and the Westview Vocational Services. These programmes strive to give developmentally disabled students the chance to experience the satisfaction that comes from participating in jobs and job training experiences that can lead to greater independence.

Why their bag is special: Odour Neutralisation to mask offensive odours and make the task more tolerable, (no animals were used in testing of the scent), Easy Tie Handles to close and knot the bag for a tight seal, (non-tie handle bags are also available,) Opaque Colours so no one can see what is in the bag and Reasonably Priced so bags can be used daily. These bags have a special additive making them 100% degradable and are also made with recycled materials, giving plastic a second life.

Stylish, yet functional, that is what Doggie Walk Bags strive to offer customers.

Designer Duffel Poo Bag Refill (4 rolls) - Poo Bags - Xtra Dog
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