How to help with housebreaking a new puppy


House BreakingHouse training, house breaking, potty training are words that every new dog owner hears, and many people worry about how their new addition to the family is going to destroy the carpets or the favourite rug.

Historically we have been told to rub the dog's nose in it, give it,  smack on the bottom and throw it outside and sooner or later it will learn. Fortunately for dogs, modern training techniques have proved that these old methods, whilst being cruel and traumatic for the new arrival, can delay the dog learning where to do his or her business.

Karen Napthine, from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK (APDT), outlines a more effective way of house training your new dog.

To speed up housetraining, praise and reward your puppy for going in the ‘right’ place and be consistent in your supervision so that wherever your puppy is, you can see him.

Puppies are likely to need to go potty shortly after sleeping, eating, playing or drinking and will usually sniff around and turn in circles when about to go. Quickly and enthusiastically encourage puppy to follow you outside. As soon as he goes, praise and reward him with a food treat. If he doesn’t go, take him back in, supervise and try again 15 minutes later. 

Do not scold the puppy for accidents – it may delay house training. If there are any accidents, ensure the area has been cleaned using a designated stain and odour remover product or diluted biological detergent, and is dry before your puppy has access to that area again. 

Keep outside doors closed during the housetraining process or your puppy will struggle to understand the distinction between indoors and out.

If house training becomes an issue or you need further advice we would recommend that you contact your nearest APDT trainer or contact the APDT directly. Their website is