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American toughest Dog toys

godog and
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Whilst we make not claim of destructible dog toys these are some of the toughest ranges sold in the USA

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  • Xtra Dog Water-Repelling Walking Harness

    Xtra Dog Water-Repelling Walking Harness (1)

    Many Dogs especially those who live in rural areas enjoy swimming in the sea, rivers or even swimming pools! For their owners it is a problem finding a good dog harness that is comfortable to wear, effective as a dog harness and won't get soaking wet. Xtra Dog, in conjunction with Adanac Sleds and Equipment in Montana, have come up…
  • goDog Plush

    goDog Plush (20)

      Go Dog toys are fun tough dog dogs fromCalifornia, designed in Denver Collard. If dogs know how to play and have fun then the Go Dog plus toy is their perfect companion. The Go Dog toys incorporate Chew Guard TechnologyTM, a special manufacturing process that adds a super tough and durable lining to soft plush toys. Worldwise, the American…
  • Dog Bowls

    Dog Bowls (11)

    Xtra Dog has an exciting range of dog bowls in stock, we stock the unique range of Dexas collapsible bowls and travel cups from Dallas in Texas, along with the award-winning Road Refresher travel bowl and interactive feeding bowls to slow down fast feeding dogs.  

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Stop Dogs Pulling on the Lead

Kerri Bee, Marie Miller and Alex Wilson look at different methods to teach dogs not to pull using kind effective means, also watch the 1 hour webinar on teaching dogs not to pull with Tellingto nTTouch co-founders Robyn Hood and Linda Tellington-Jones

Dog Nutrition

Kerri Bee, Marie Miller, and Alex Wilson look at the importance of good feeding in Dogs. Also, download the e-book on Natural feeding by Dr. Bruce Syme.

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