Feeding & Drinking


Xtra Dog offer a range of dog bowls ideal for food and water. The exciting new range of Dexas Popware silicon bowls are proving as popular with the dogs as they are with the owners. Their unique space-saving pop-out design makes them ideal for travel while their vibrant colour means that they fit into the most stylish of homes. Our travel range of bowls includes the award-winning Road Refresher, along with Dexas travel cups and crate bowls, plus the American award-winning Pet Top drinking device that can convert a regular water bottle into the perfect drinking bottle for your dog.

Xtra Dog does not sell dog food, but we do offer the new exciting Freezy Pups from the USA. These tasty snacks are made in the freezer in special Freezy Pups icetrays by just adding the special organic ingredients. After a few hours, you have a natural healthy treat for your dog - perfect in hot weather, an ice lolly for dogs!

Whilst we realise that there are as many good dog foods on the market as bad ones, at Xtra Dog we recommend three brands that have been thoroughly tried and tasted by our own dogs Mischief and Arapahoe. These are not the only good ones, but the ones that our dogs like.

Fish 4 Dogs. Wonderful fish-based dog foods, all natural and sourced from sustainable fisheries - visit http://www.fish4dogs.com They offer a range of dry and wet dog foods

Vets Kitchen. A natural range of dog foods and supplements formulated by TV vet Joe Inglis - visit http://www.vetskitchen.co.uk/

Green Dog. A range of natural dog foods with the addition of a parasite repellent, formuated by Keith Alisson from Reading University http://greendogfood.co.uk/

If you want to read more about dog foods and what to avoid in many processed foods, read Kerri Bee's interesting article by clicking here.