anxious dog


Many dogs suffer from fear and axiety issues while many also hold tension. It is important to identify symptoms displayed by the dog which indicate fear, anxiety or tension. These include; licking the lips, yawning, rolling on his belly, tail tucked between the legs or excessive tail wagging. You may also notice unusual coat patterns, dryness of the coat etc.


There are a number of ways to help your dog and we suggest checking some of the products below. TTouch wraps and the AKC Calming Coat are a proven way to help dogs gain more self confidence by helping them develop more body awareness. Visit the Uk dog anxiety website for more advice. it may also be worth consulting a certified Tellington TTouch practitioner visit for our TTouch website or for the national website visit  TTouch is a training method that uses body work and slow movement exercises to help dogs regain their physical and emotional balance while also improving the dog's self confidence. We offer TTouch sessions here in Leicestershire as well as in central London and at events that we are attending - details can be found at but there are also practitioners situated all over the UK, Ireland and worldwide.

Watch this presentation on stress in dogs given by Sarah Fisher