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K9 Aqua Sports competitors on both sides of the Atlantic love our products. Top UK K9 Aqua Sports competitors, including Ann Newman,owner of Digger and Alice, Jonathan Hamilton, owner of Oscar, and Sarah Allen, owner of Harry, Twiglet and Elvis use Spiffy Dog quick-drying air collars.

Our water-repelling walking and multi-sport harnesses are also very popular for Dock Dogs along with Katie's Bumbers floating dog toys, made of recycled fire hose. Xtra Dog was also thrilled to have been a sponsor of Dock Dogs (K9 Aqua Sports US cousin that operated in the UK for many years) in 2013 and looking forward to be sponsoring K9 Aqua Sports UK in 2015.

K9 Aqua Sports also known as dog dock jumping are new dog sports from the USA where canine competitors run along a dock and into a long swimming pool - sort of long jump for dogs. The lengths of the jumps are recorded and the competitions take place around the USA and internationally. K9 Aqua Sports UK can be seen at the All About Dog shows, the East Anglian Game and Country Fair, andDog Fest in the UK. More events are being planned. Check them out at www.k9aquasports.com

Dash and Splash, a similar event takes place at Paws in the Park and the Kent County Show. Click here to check them out . Here in the UK, we have numerous K9 Aqua Sports competitors who travel from event to event so that their dogs can compete. This is a fantastic sport as no fear or force is used and the dog has to make his or her own decision to jump; dogs may not be pushed into the pool.

In the USA the sport started with a company called Dock Dogs who ran events here in the UK prior to a UK version of the sport starting. It all started during the first year of the ESPN Great Outdoor Games when Big Air Dogs were promoted as a 'filler' event. It was not expected to be very popular but when the spectators began to number in the thousands and traffic for the event shut down a number of city blocks, it was evident to us that Big Air was on the brink of worldwide acclaim. Dock Dogs started running and never looked back!

Dock Dogs events have been featured on ABC, ESPN, The Outdoor Channel and numerous other cable broadcasts. Dock Dogs took a big step when it was featured as one of the top three floats in the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade. ABC coverage netted over 2.5 million viewers and 350,000 people street side.Over more than 11 years, multiple Dock Dogs competitors have been featured on a variety of US primetime TV shows, including the Late Show with David Letterman, jumping their high flying dogs just outside the studio. Click here to checkout Dock Dogs.

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